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Asset Utilization Loans

The perfect loan option for high-net-worth borrowers.

At Northwest Alternative Mortgage, we work with borrowers who don't fit neatly into the boxes required by conventional lenders. Even if you've been told "NO" by banks, we will work hard to say "YES" to the mortgage loan you're looking for!


Asset Utilization Loans (aka Soft Money Loans) are designed for high-net-work borrowers who prefer using their personal assets over income to qualify for a mortgage. Contact our NW Alternative Mortgage team today at 503-343-7999 to find out if you qualify for our Asset Utilization Loan program.

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Asset Utilization Loan Features


  • Loan Amounts up to $3 Million for purchases or refinances

  • Minimum FICO score of 660

  • Maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) is 80% for purchase or refinance

  • Maximum Cash-Out Refinance is 70% 

  • 4 Months of account statements required

  • Debt-to-income ratio is not calculated or required

  • Properties can be single family and multifamily (max 4 units)

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Conventional vs Asset Utilization Loans 

NOTE: It's important to note that the specifics of conventional and Non-QM mortgage loans can vary depending on many factors. This chart provides a general overview of the key differences between the two types of loans. Contact us at 503-343-7999 to learn more about the lending solutions we offer!

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