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Jumbo Mortgage Loans

The perfect loan option for the luxury home of your dreams.

If you’re looking to purchase a luxury home that surpasses the standard home value in your county, a jumbo loan may be your best option. This is because these types of homes exceed the conventional conforming loan limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which disqualifies them from traditional financing options.

While jumbo home loans are designed for those looking to purchase high-value homes, they also come with more stringent qualification requirements. Thankfully, Northwest Alternative Mortgage specializes in connecting borrowers with the capital they need for luxury real estate purchases.

Luxury Home

  Jumbo Loan Features


  • Loans up to $3 Million, Minimum loan of $250,000

  • Four years seasoning for foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu

  • Owner-occupied, second homes, and non-owner occupied

  • Purchase and cash-out or rate-term refinance

  • Full documentation only

  • 40 year interest only available

  • One year tax return program

  • Loan amounts greater than or equal to $1,500,000, a borrower paid second appraisal must be obtained

  • Borrowers can qualify for loans off liquid assets

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