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Hard Money Loans

The perfect lending option for real estate investors.

Over the past ten years, our parent company Northwest Private Lending has grown to become the top-rated hard money lender in the Pacific Northwest. A hard money loan is a loan that is primarily secured by the equity in an asset (most commonly real estate property). Because of that, the underwriting of the borrower is greatly reduced which allows the loan to be made much more quickly. 


Northwest Private lending offers a variety of hard money loans to suit every type of residential real estate investor. From purchase financing for a fix and flip to cash-out refinance loans, our team will help connect you with the investment capital you need to be sucesessful! 

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Hard Money Loan Features

Is a Hard Money Loan The Right Option For You?


If you have both the time and ability to qualify for a conventional loan, NWPL will always encourage you towards this path.  However, there are a few reasons why many people select the private lending path for their rehab financing, fix and flip financing, or other alternative financing needs.

  • Time – If closing quickly is the highest priority, securing a hard money loan might be the right choice for you. For example: Purchase and sale deadline, competitive offers, bank foreclosure sale, auction, or quick access to funds for another investment.

  • Reduced purchase price – Whether a pocket listing or bank-owned sale, a cash offer or the ability to close in less than 10 days can be required, preferred, or can get you a lower price.

  • If the property is not lendable through conventional banking – Many times a great rehab project is in a state considered not lendable by most conventional banks.

  • You can’t qualify – NWPL is a collateral-based lender whose primary focus is on ability to repay and a strong exit strategy. Debt to Income, FICO, and W2 income are not standard requirements for our loans.

From refinancing to real estate purchases, our team of trusted professionals go the extra mile to ensure that every loan we issue is a win/win for our clients. Our parent company Northwest Private Lending is the top-rated hard money lender in the Pacific Northwest. Call our team of lending specialists today to find out if a hard money loan is the right option for you!

Hard Money Loan Calculator

Check out our hard money loan calculator to quickly and easily see an estimate of monthly payments and what kind of financing you might qualify for. 


Types of Hard Money Loans We Offer

Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans:

Are you looking for a way to purchase your next home while waiting for another property to sell? A Bridge Loan enables clients to purchase first and sell second.

Fix and Flip Loans

Fix & Flip Loans:

If you are a real estate investor looking to acquire properties that require all-cash to purchase or want to buy a property that won’t qualify for a conventional loan, we offer same day pre-approval letters.

Rehab and Refi Loans

Rehab & Refinance Loans:

Are you looking to purchase a distressed property, make improvements, and then turn it into a source of income? A hard money loan gives you the cash you need to buy foreclosures and short-sales.

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